Estonia's Victims of Communism 1940–1991

Wall of Remembrance of the Journey

The names of over 22,000 people who never returned home are inscribed on the name plaques of the Journey, symbolising the merciless power of the totalitarian system. They were murdered or died due to inhuman living conditions in imprisonment or forced resettlement and the remains of many of them are in unnamed graves in unknown locations.

The murder, imprisonment or deportation of tens of thousands of Estonian people in the 1940s and 1950s constitute genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity with no statutory limitation. On 18 June 2002, the Estonian Parliament declared the Soviet Union’s communist regime, the organs that violently implemented it, and the actions of those organs to be criminal.

Pärast memoriaali valmimist väljaselgitatud kommunismiohvrite nimed, mis kantakse memoriaali lisatahvlitele