Estonia's Victims of Communism 1940–1991

The Memorial’s Database

People who have been extrajudicially repressed or groundlessly convicted by the Soviet occupying regime in 1940-1991 and are subject to rehabilitation according to the act of the Republic of Estonia concerning the rehabilitation of persons who have been extrajudicially repressed and groundlessly convicted are entered in this database. Additionally, the database includes: persons who perished directly in the course of communist terror; sufferers who were released from imprisonment or exile; persons who were on the lists to be deported but who were not deported, and persons whose fate is unknown.


The names of those Estonian people contained in the database who were murdered in the course of the terror, died in imprisonment or in exile, or are known to have been murdered as a result of a direct attack against their person by representatives of the Soviet regime are inscribed together with the dates of their birth and death on the Wall of Remembrance of the Memorial’s Journey. Persons who have perished that are identified in the course of further continuing research will be continuously entered in the electronic database. Their names will be added periodically to the Journey’s Wall of Remembrance of the Memorial on additional plaques.


We ask you to check the names of repressed persons known to you and if necessary, give us feedback concerning corrections and additions. Suggestions are also welcome in cases where the same person is likely referred to under two different names and the suspicion arises that different persons should be combined into one.

We are very grateful for corrections and additions. They have already been of great assistance in drawing up the list of persons who have perished. We enter accepted corrections on a running basis, thus the list is continuously being updated and changed.

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  • fighters who fell in battles against the Soviet regime as forest brothers or members of the Omakaitse (Home Guard) in 1940/1941
  • persons who perished as victims of warfare as a result of combat actions;
  • persons who departed from Estonia to the Soviet rear area as evacuees in the summer of 1941 and died there without having been subjected to repressions;
  • men who were mobilised into the Red Army in the summer of 1941 and who died in labour battalions in the Soviet rear area due to disease, inhuman living conditions or under circumstances that have not been clearly identified. Mobilised men who were arrested for political reasons and put on trial while they were in labour battalions are treated as victims;
  • persons who fell in combat during the war as members of whichever armed units, or who died in other war situations;
  • victims of communist terror who had themselves participated in combat in the ranks of Soviet destruction battalions or had joined the Communist Party before 1954.